VideoCharge Pro v3.4.3.28

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Alanında en başarılı yazılımlardan biri.Video ve ses dosyalarını , imaj dosyalarını (resim formatları) parçalamak , birleştirmek , dosya formatlarını birbirine dönüştürmek , gif hazırlamak , videonun üstüne istediğiniz yazıyı yazmak vb. gelişmiş özellikler içeriyor. En iyi tarafı ise sistem gereksinimlerinin düşük olması ve hızlı işlem yapması.

Üretici Sitesi : Video Editing Software: watermarking, video editing, bluring video or photo, converting, batch processing, ets.

VideoCharge is a multifunction, easy in use software product for conversion of Video, Audio, or Image files sequences!

VideoCharge was developed for people, who really need quick and qualitative conversion of Video/Audio/Image file(s) from one format to another, modifying any parameters of a specified format. VideoCharge represents a convenient mechanism for those persons who want to create licensed Video or Image file(s), when each frame/image is overlaid with a logotype (Watermark), title or text. For those, who wants to produce video file with effect of 25th frame, and also for those, who wants to create several screenshots, capturing video frames. VideoCharge is essential for those people, who needs to create Video gallery with a set of thumbnails for each video clip. You can create thumbnails in automatic mode or specify some of them, make preliminary edition, and upload thumbnails to FTP server after their generation.

VideoCharge is a converter of Video, Audio, and Image files, that is allows you to convert multimedia files from one format to another. VideoCharge supports the following formats:

  • AVI - Audio Video Interleave (*.avi) allows you to work with any Video codec, installed into the system, and decode DivX, XVid and other type of files.
  • Mpeg - Moving Picture Experts Group (*.mpg, *.mpeg) supports cording into Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2 (VCD, SVCD) and decoding into Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2.
  • DVD - Digital Video Disk (*.vob, *.ifo) works with DVD and makes possible previewing and decoding of .vob files separately or as a group (applying data of .ifo files).
  • ASF, WMV, WMA - Advanced Streaming Format, Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio (*.wmv, *.wma, *.asf) supports processing of Windows Media 7, 8, 9.
  • MOV - QuickTime Video/Audio (*.mov, *.move, *.qt) allows to playback and create QuickTime files!
  • RM - RealMedia (*.rm) allows to convert RealMedia files into any supported format!
  • Wave - WAV (*.wav, *.mp3) - allows you to work with audio data in RIFF format. It transforms audio files into any of the installed audio codecs, for example, Mp3.
  • Image files' formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG.

Except conversion mechanism, VideoCharge is used to perform other additional operations:
  • Merging Video, Audio or Image files sequences into single output file.
  • Splitting up Video or Audio file(s) into several files (splits) according to specified time range or size in bytes. Besides there's possibility to split video film into self-contained scenes or equal (by duration) parts!
    At the same time, if you use VideoCharge for Professional, you can preview all created splits and mark those of them which should be generated.
  • Definition of timelines and saving them as separate Video or Audio files.

In addition VideoCharge includes the following functionalities:

Thumbnails: creating of screenshots for Video files and thumbnails in automatic mode. In this mode Image file(s) will be automatically created for each generated Video file, basing on the first or once defined frame. In custom selection mode applying Editor you can preview all frames of video file and select more appropriate of them to create screenshots. It is also possible to produce screenshots without conversion operation.

Watermark: VideoCharge allows you to add text or image to output Video or Image files. Watermarks can be used for protection of Video or Image files. Applying Watermark editor you can form any logotype quickly and easily and place it on output frame as you wish.
Also you may impose watermark on a specified section of the movie.

25 Frame: VideoCharge allows you to create Video files with effect of 25th frame. It means that an image will be inserted into output file instead 25th (or other specified) frame.

Filters: VideoCharge represents about 10 filters, optimized for modern processors. Filters are used to improve quality of output video, solve problem of Interlace Video (just apply de-Interlace filter). VideoCharge also contains a convenient filters' editor, where you can preview results of filters application on Video or Image files.

Wizard: VideoCharge includes advanced Wizard, which can help persons to use the application without special background knowledge about Video treatment. Wizard includes 16 items, describing almost all scopes of the VideoCharge application.

DVD: VideoCharge supports processing of DVD and can be used as a usual DVD ripper, to make copies of DVD disks in Mpeg4 or other format. Besides VideoCharge allows you to select necessary partitions of DVD disks, sound stream, work with VOB (.vob) files or with groups of VOB files, described by corresponding IFO files.

Editor: VideoCharge represents a simple and easy in use editor to set time ranges, visually edit their boundaries, and select frames for Thumbnails. It is possible to preview all files, which will be generated, distribute files among folders, using drag-and-drop technology, set FTP parameters and so on.

FTP: VideoCharge has a FTP client, which allows you to upload generated files to one or several FTP servers!

Dynamic Path: VideoCharge represents technology of dynamic forming of output files names.

Command Line: VideoCharge For Professionals supports work with command-line, that makes flexible application settings.

VideoCharge includes a great number of additional functionalities, settings, algorithms, which have been developed to make your work quick and easy. To get more information about the program features, please download Help system

Sistem Gereksinimleri :

  • Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 12 MB free hard disk space (for installation)
  • 800x600 screen resolution
  • DirectX 8.1. or higher
  • Installed codecs for media formats you are going to work with

Screenshots of the application:

Main screen (input)

453 - Video Kesme Birleştirme Programı İndir
This window is intended to add Video, Audio, or Image file (DVD disk or folder, contains a copy of DVD disk) into a list of files, which should be converted. You can also preview these files before process starting.

Main screen (output)

454 - Video Kesme Birleştirme Programı İndir
This window has a VideoCharge setup table.

Editor screen

455 - Video Kesme Birleştirme Programı İndir
This window is intended to select frames as a base for Thumbnails and specify time ranges.

Thumbn Editor screen

456 - Video Kesme Birleştirme Programı İndir
This window is an editor of Thumbnails, where you can apply filters or modify thumbnails parameters for next saving.

Split Preview screen

457 - Video Kesme Birleştirme Programı İndir
This window is intended to select only those split elements, which should be processed, and specify proper Thumbnails.

Wizard screen

458 - Video Kesme Birleştirme Programı İndir
This window is a wizard, which gives you an ability to select on of the 16 possible operations, supported by VideoCharge.