Nas Feat. Mykel - We're Not Alone

[Intro: Mykel]

Where there's life there is water
We depend on Mama Nature
There's a message for tomorrow
Everything connects to you
Some say soon it will be over
You can see it in the weather
Out of tune with Mama Nature
What you do comes back to you
[Chorus: Mykel]
We're not alone (4x)
Confucius, Confucius, Sigmund Freud
And Farad Muhammad, is it evolution or God?
Searching for the truth is a threat
Seems the closer we get to the truth State Troopers or Feds
Come out to silence you, my house in Malibu probably tapped
'Cause living next door to Demi Moore, plus I'm black
Plus I want vengeance for the poor who's attacked daily
Patriot Act never scared me
Jake in the Taurus, sticky in the jar-as
Niggas I'm with got warrants
America's brownin', 20 years from now every town'll be brown and Latin
An African looking Manhattan
I'm a tell you what I seen with my three eyes
Word to me, not a hoax back in '99
A spacecraft in the skyline
In L.A. in daytime, ask Horse if I'm lying

[Bridge 1: Mykel]
Every mother every father
Raise your sons and your daughters
With respect and with honor
From the seed comes a fruit
It's an unbroken circle
All of life is universal
And we're all in the struggle
If I know one thing is true


Evidence remains in debate
Documents of our own Air Force base
Additional terrestrial information
Other planets with life population, my observation
Scientists study pictures of a flying disk
Right on earth anthropologists are finding sh*t
Visitors probably live with us, they can mimic us
It's sort of what we're seeing in the cinemas

[Bridge 2: Mykel]
Take a look in the mirror
And see the bigger picture
It's good to be alive
It's good to be alive
Nobody is an island
We are part of an environment
Only way we're gon' survive
Is if we harmonize


Reginald Lewis, the black billionaire
Before Oprah, Bob Johnson, how'd he disappear?
Conspiracy theories, UFOs in the air
I've seen it with my own two eyes, and I swear
Like Warren Buffet, real money I'm just trying to touch it
The dia mond encrusted sh*t, live illustrious
'Cause we was deprived of it, suffered
Now we pop to prove anything's possible
My pimp strut was invented when they whipped us
Now we diddy bop just to show you that our strength's up
Just when niggas 'bout to see they cut
Global warming about to burn us up
Niggas never really seen paper in this world
A merican Black's the teenager of this world
Give us 20 more years to grow up, already geniuses
What I mean is this
I used to worship a certain Queens police murderer
'Til I read the words of Ivan Van Sertima
He inserted something in me that made me feel worthier
Now I spit revolution, I'm his hood interpreter
[Bridge 2]