(The dog that barks does not bite.) When a person talks too much, it usually does not lead to action.
Havlayan kopek isirmaz. -

(The cock that crows too early gets his head cut off.) There is proper time for every thing.
Vakitsiz oten horozun basini keserler. -

(A defeated wrestler never tires of wrestling again.) . A defeated person always asks for second chances.
Yenilen pehlivan gurese doymaz. -

(He who starts up in anger, sits down with a loss.) Used when one is trying to calm an angry person.
Ofke ile kalkan zararla oturur. -

(Sharp vinegar only damages its container.) Used to calm down or moderate a person.
Keskin sirke kupune zarar verir. -

(Heart endures when eye does not see.) One can endure being far way from loved ones by not seeing them.
Goz gormeyince gonul katlanir. -

(If one is far away, one also gets far away from the heart.) Expresses the feeling that by being far away, one risks losing the love and affection of a person.
Gozden irak, gonulden de irak olur. -

(You harvest what you sow.) Used to remind a person that one's own past actions are responsible for the present situation.
Ne ekersen, onu bicersin. -

(One who sows wind will reap hurricane.) Used to caution people to moderate their actions.
Ruzgar eken firtina bicer. -

(It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to know.) Used to encourage people to be inquisitive.
Sormak ayip degil, bilmemek ayip. -

(A bachelor feels like a sultan.) Used by bachelors when asked to explain why they are still single.
Bekarlik sultanliktir. -

(The fly is small, but it can upset your stomach.) Used when an event that seems insignificant to others, still bothers a person.
Sinek kucuktur, ama mide bulandirir. -

(It won't fill a fig seed.) Used to express the insignificance of someone's point in an argument.
Incir cekirdegini doldurmaz. -

(Storm in a walnut shell.) Similar to tempest in a tea cup.
Ceviz kabugunda firtina. -

(Love is daring.) Can mean that a lover can do anything without calculating the consequences or that love has a blind eye.
Askin gozu karadir. -

(To the raven's eye, its chickens look like falcons.) Used to express the feeling that any baby looks beautiful to its mother.
Kuzguna yavrusu sahin gorunur. -

(The sheep separated from the flock gets eaten by the wolf.) Used to encourage a person to stay within the group as it plans a move.
Suruden ayrilan koyunu kurt kapar. -

(An ember burns where it falls.) Used when expressing an appreciation of pain for the people who are close to the injured or hurt person.
Ates dustugu yeri yakar. -

(An over-protected eye gets the speck.) Being overly careful or overprotective invites misfortunes.
Sakinilan goze cop batar. -

(What a man is at seven is also what he is at seventy.) Used when expressing dissatisfaction in unchanged human behavior or the fact that one never learns from one's mistakes.
Insan yedisinde ne ise yetmisinde de odur. -

(The tree branch should be bent when it is young.) Used to support the need to train a person early in life.
Agac yas iken egilir. -

(It takes two hands to make a sound.) Similar to "it takes two to tango".
Bir elin nesi var, iki elin sesi var. -

(Lets water run unnoticed under straw.) Used to define a sly person or behavior.
Saman altindan su yurutur. -

(Look at the mother before marrying the daughter.) Expresses the view that a young girl (or a bride) will eventually look and behave like her mother
Anasina bak, kizini al. -

(Let the horse die from too much barley.) Used to express the feeling that the benefits over weigh the risks.
Atin olumu arpadan olsun. -

(A camel for a dime, a camel for a thousand dimes.) Used to show the irony when a person could not afford something even when it is very cheap, but can later afford it when it is thousand times more expensive.
Deve bir pula, deve bin pula. -

(One who does not slap his children, will slap his knees.) Parents that do not discipline their children early on, will beat themselves later on when they learn the bad things their grown children have done.
Cocugunu dovmeyen, dizini dover. -

(One who handles honey, licks his fingers.) Somebody in charge of handling money or resources, get to keep or enjoy some benefits for himself.
Bal tutan parmak yalar. -

(You can't run a water mill by carrying water.) It is futile to start a business if you don't have a sustainable source or you can't sustain a life style with borrowed money.
Tasima suyla degirmen donmez. -

(Drop by drop, it will make a pond.) Small savings will lead to substantial wealth. Used to encourage people to save.
Damlaya damlaya gol olur. -

(Liar's candle will last till evening.) Lies will work only for a limited time.
Yalancinin mumu yatsiya kadar yanar. -
(Burning a bedcover for a louse.) Used when an action taken does not match the unimportance of the situation.
Pire icin yorgan yakmak. -

(A boxwood comb for a bald head.) Used to make a point when a person indulges beyond his financial means.
Kel basa simsir tarak. -

(The one who asks has one side of his face dark; the one who refuses to give has both sides.) Used to put the shame or burden on the side that can give but refuses to do so.
Isteyenin bir yuzu kara, vermeyenin iki yuzu. -