Calis is still pretty quiet when it comes to nightlife - there are 2 clubs but theyre not worth a mantion. Ive been going for 6 years and MCM used to be pretty good and it was free, but now its rubish and theyve started charging 10ytl to gte in - as if anyones going to pay to go there! Maybe I like it less now because im 6 years older than when I fist started going, and the people who visit seem to be mainly drunken kids/teenagers!

There are some really good bars in Calis though which I rather go to than a night club - or at least spend most of my nights there and go to a night club once or twice a week.
Scarlett bar is definatley the best bar in Calis and gets better and better each year.

The main core of staff have been the same for as long as ive been going - its ran by 3 brothers and theyre really cool guys - they know how to throw a good party! there is a pool too which is quite a novelty but be warned people do get thrown in occassionally! they do some great entertainment nights here and have slasa dancers, break dancers, turksih nights, BBQ' and just general fun each night!

They ahve a big screen aswell to show all the matches during the world cup.

Another popular bar is Bus Sop which is on the beach. Very lively and has some great members of staff who ive known for years. Greta restaurant upstairs with fab views of the unset.
Aladdins Bar was new last year but has been taken over this year and I predict it will be a great bar. Cowboy is there this year - a very well known and much loved person in Calis!

B52 is lively but is a dive - very sleezy and worth steering clear off. Not meaning to sound snobby, but the staff and clientele arent the type of people you want to mix with unless ur into chavs!

ftehiye is just a bus ride away and there are some great bars there - Car ce****ry, Otomman, mango and bananas is a fab night club - great music and great atmosphere!

Calis is still pretty peaceful though - and its lovely having Fethiye so close by its a real turkish working town and hasnt yet been taken over too much by toruism