A Overview about holiday

If I were to be selling the place I would have to say...

Bar street - Excellent for people who enjoy a good piss up and dancing into the early hours

Kaleci - Excellent for families with children who want to go out to bars but dont want it too loud. Good music, live bands,

Restaurants... Beautiful food served with plenty of live entertainment. 100s of places to eat to choose from with different cuisines.

People .... Fantastic, very friendly and would bend over backwards to help you in any way possible. Excellent with children. Welcoming and very warm people with big hearts.

Beaches.... Too many to mention, different beaches that all have some sort of water sports, absolutely beautiful ocean and a choice of sand, pebbles or shelly. Choice is yours.

Hotels.... Great, some basic some Beautiful.... all clean and all contrasts of people are well catered for.

Shopping.... Fantastic Market, lots of clothes shops, shoe shops, record shops, designer shops ie (levis, quicksilver, ect), leather shops, jewellers, carpet shops.... shop shop shop till you bloody well drop. Haggling is a definate yes to get the best deal you can.

Weather.... Beautiful, hot especially this time of year right through to end of september for best temperatures. Guaranteed to get a tan and look fab.

Men.... Thats a whole different story. (Nicely)