Winter is a splendid time to visit Turkey. Take advantage of cheaper transatlantic airfares and discover Turkey as most tourists never do.

Snow transforms the countryside, while traditional and modern comforts enhance life in the cities. To really appreciate a Turkish bath, a steaming glass of tea, or a shop full of fine carpets, experience them in January.

Restaurants offer delicious winter foods, while concert halls, clubs, galleries, and museums present a rich buffet of cultural events.

But in the provinces, activity around the most popular coastal areas and archeological sites slows down with the frosts of late autumn

Nonetheless, the crisp cold and bright sun of Anatolian winter are invigorating and inspire adventure

Take a four-wheel drive Jeep trip into the Toros Mountains or make a sunrise balloon safari above the eroded volcanic terrain of Cappadocia

It's easy to imagine the days of Marco Polo and caravans moving across the steppes of Central Asia when one encounters a thick-coated camel.

Whether you are inclined to luxuriate in the cities or strike out into the countryside, winter provides us with the opportunity to show you facets of Turkey that most visitors never see

When you find yourself crossing the vast open plateau, you no longer wonder that Turkey has been a cradle of intellectual debate and spirituality for millenia.

Whether you trace the footsteps of Alexander, St. Paul, or Rumi, or simply take a bus across the mystical plain, Turkey's layers of history are palpable. And in the quiet months of winter, it is easier to hear the echoes of those who passed here before us.