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Bodrum Castle - Information About Bodrum Castle in The Turkey

  1. Bodrum Castle - Castle of St. Peter

    As soon as you arrive the Bodrum you will see the silhouette of the castle, which is visible from almost every angle of Bodrum. St. Peter was originally used as a fortress, & its dungeons were frequently put to use by the various conquerors of Bodrum. (Bodrum means dungeon in Turkish.) Visiting Bodrum castle might just be one of the highlights of your holiday.St. Peter's Castle was built by the Knights of St. John of Rhodes in early 15 th C. as a military stronghold. It is a very good example of medieval arhitecture. It has massive walls, five towers and seven gates. A number of incriptions and coats of arms can be seen at various places of the castle.

    Since 1961, Bodrum Castle has served as a museum, specializing in Underwater Archaeology. It also has very interesting exhibitions of other antiquities.

    Inside, check out the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which chronicles the history of shipwrecks off the Turkish Coast.Bodrum is most beautiful city in the Turkey.Bodrum is located southwest in Turkey.It was built by the Knight Hospitaller.Today the castle is open to the public. You can explore the various towers and the castle grounds, which have all been fully restored, then climb to the top to get a fantastic view of Bodrum Bay

    The castle grounds are also the location for the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, a showcase for the rich variety of artefacts which have been recovered from the surrounding seabed.

    The main exhibititions of the museum are Uluburun and other Shipwrecks, Carian Princess Hall, Amphora Exhibition, English Tower, German Tower, Glasswreck Hall, Coins and Jewellery Hall, Turkish Bath Exhibition and so on.

    As you walk around the castle, there are wonderful opportunities to take pictures of Bodrum and the marina. The castle has a beautiful garden and a collection of various flowers grown in the Bodrum region

    Bodrum is a vibrant and bustling resort with waterfront cafes and restaurants and chic boutiques.

    Nightlife is very lively with plenty of bars and clubs, the most famous one being Halikarnas, an outdoor disco set in a castle which is renowned throughout Europe.

    Villas, head along the peninsula to take in the dramatic coastal scenery and pretty holiday villages that are built into the hillside. Alternatively, take a stroll along the twin harbours lined with yachts.

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