Puss in the corner

A yard, court, room, or other square area with four corners, posts, or trees equidistant from one another is chosen as the playing arena. One player is nominated "Puss" and takes his place in the center of the arena. Each of the other four players selects one of the corners and takes his place there. Play begins with the four corner players attempting to exchange places with each other in any direction. "Puss" attempts to gain a corner during the exchange. Should he succeed, the player then left without a corner becomes "Puss" and takes his place in the center of the arena. Play resumes in a similar manner. Should players A and B attempt to exchange corners and A gains B's corner but A's corner is gained by "Puss", then B becomes "Puss" rather than A.

Köşe Kapmaca Nasıl Oynanır? - İngilizce

Players 5
Age range 3 and up
Setup time 1 minute or less
Playing time No limit
Random chance Low
Skill(s) required Running