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Büyüklük:  4,1 KB (Kilobyte)In today's society, dogs and man are constantly in work together. Dogs are domestic animals that can be considered to be somewhat important to man. Specific breeds of dogs have their very own individual inbred characteristics such as strong guarding and protecting instinct, herding capabilities or even keen eyesight that makes the dog sharp and alert. For example, the Border Collie is well known for its superb herding capabilities and is often made use of in the organization of cattle movement. Other breeds such as the German Shepherd Dog is ideal for guarding and protecting. For companion sakes, breeds such as the Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel (Toy Breed), would prove suitable with its good-nature and gentleness with children. Man even breed special dogs to carry out important tasks such as sniffing out drugs and aiding the disabled. Whatever it is, dogs are often recognized to be loyal animals that last a life-long time. As the saying goes: "A dog is a man's best friend", can be proved highly accurate in this context.

Parts Of The Dog

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Pure Breeds, Cross Breeds, Mongrels

Pure breeds, or otherwise known as Pedigrees are common terms used in the field concerning dogs. So what are Pedigrees? What is the difference between them, cross breeds and mongrels?

Basically, pure-breed dogs are breeds that have been made approved and registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). Of course this is done only after intensive observation and study of a particular breed, familiarizing with its characteristics, temperament, basic abilities, character and even certain hereditary diseases that they are more likely to be prone to. Therefore, the largest advantage of getting a pure-breed dog, is that you can predict what to expect from your dog. For example, the eventual size your dog will grow up to, its physical appearance, the kind of temperament coming from it, the trainability of the dog, its level of intelligence and so on.

A cross-breed dog is the offspring of two different (breed) pedigree dogs. It takes on the characteristics and genes of both parents. However, in terms of its size, physical appearance etc. that it will take on in adulthood, one would have to deduce their own predictions, as to whether it will take on the mother's or father's genes in various aspects.

A mongrel is often also known as a "local dog". The breeds of its parents is unknown, probably because their parents themselves are also mongrels. Therefore, in other words, mongrels are produced when repeated cross-breeding take place. Often, mongrels are found straying the streets as the result of irresponsible dog owners who do not make sure that their dogs are sterilized. The importance of sterilizing must be highly emphasized here. Every year, thousands of such strays, taken in by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have to be put down, as homes for such strays are few. It is sad to say that in our society, pedigrees are much more favoured than mongrels. However, owning a mongrel has a big advantage over pedigrees too. Mongrels are less likely to inherit hereditary diseases, unlike Pedigrees.