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"Stories from the five towns" adlı kitabın Geniş İngilizce özeti

  1. "Stories from the five towns" adlı kitabın geniş ingilizce özeti

    This book has four different stories about ordinary people in the Five Towns. "News of the Engagement" is a story that a man tries to tell his mother that he has been engaged to his girlfriend. The man is very considerate of his mother because she is a widow and he is her only son. He writes her every week but he can't tell her about his engagement. When he comes home after a long time he tries to tell her that, but then he fined unexpected fact; his mother and her old friend Mr. Nixon have been engaged. He feels very happy and relieved. "The Burglary" is a story about a magistrate; Jee, who wants t gets rid of his big and weird portrait of himself. The portrait is not good and his wife dislikes it so much, so he asks a burglary who he meets at the court to steal it. On the night of 24th December, Christmas Eve, when his wife has gone to her son's and he is alone, the burglary comes his home and carries something with his friend. The next morning he finds the portrait still left on the floor and every silver dinner set missing. "Beginning the New Year" is a silent story. A silent man returns the town after 23 years where he has gotten married and lived with his wife. The house belonged to his wife and he didn't hear her saying "this house is mine", so he had left home. New Year's Eve he unexpectedly visits the house. Then his wife is glad to meet him and tells him slowly and silently that she got married, had a daughter, her daughter married and the man whom his wife married was dead. They decide to libel together again. In "The Silent Brothers", John and Robert, brothers, have had a quarrel for about ten years and they have not been speaking to each other though they are around forty years old. Their sister is dead leaving her will that she would give all her money to the brother who marries Annie, who is a businesswoman and loved by both of them. They ask her to marry, but she answers "OK" to both of them. She makes a fun of them because she knows that they want to marry her for their sister's money and she feels them stupid.

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