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Recombınant Dna Technology

  1. Recombinant DNA Technology
    Recombinant DNA technology is used to mass-produce
    proteins and genes inside bacteria.
    The basic procedure used in this form of genetics engineering
    is diagrammed in figure and described following.
    The procedure begins by isolating the gene that
    codes for protein to be mass-produced. The segment
    of DNA containing the gene is removed from its natural
    location, usually a human cell, and attached to a piece
    of DNA that invades a bacterium. The attached gene is
    the donor gene and the DNA molecule that receives
    it the vector:
    Together, the donor gene and vector are called recombinant
    DNA; they are a combination of two kind of DNA.
    Bacteria are used in recombinant DNA technology
    because they are easy to grow in the laboratory, they reproduce
    rapidly, and their mechanisms for turning genes
    on and off are well understood. Moreover, bacteria readily
    accept pieces of DNA from one another almost
    piece of DNA placed inside a bacterium will be used to
    build proteins.

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