Motherly love is our responsibility to our mothers who bring us up by her hands, put up with all difficulties of life for us, and guide us when we have some problems. There isn't any person who substitutes for their place in our life.

The place of our mothers, main structure of traditional Turkish family, in our social life can't express with any worth. To make her comfortable and show respect, which they deserve, are our most important duty. We know that we will never be able to pay our debt.

The love that we must show to our mothers, who carry us during nine months and bear us, mustn't be a daily enthusiasm and must continue during our life. Because they love us during all their lives.

What did our mothers do? What should they do? An ideal mother should be easygoing, relaxed, loving type to care for infant. She should enjoy rocking, cuddling, and be able to hold baby patiently for 30-minute-feeding every three or four hours without fidgeting. She should be light sleeper, early riser. She must take all shifts, seven-day week. And she shouldn't have vacation unless she can arrange another person, maybe its father or her mother, as a temporary substitute. We watch the news about baby deaths because of being alone.

After a few years when the infant grew up, a good mother must be attentive because he is able to walk. She needs quick reflexes, boundless energy, infinitive patience to safeguard tireless toddler. At these ages, he may cripple himself so; a good mother should have adequate knowledge of first aid. She must know that no coffee or lunch breaks unless he sleeps.

After physical care when he was a child, an ideal mother expert in early childhood education to provide stimulating, loving, creative, individualized, learning environment for preschooler. She should have experience in art music, recreation, and should learn a little childhood psychology. Because education begins in family and there are a lot of people, lack of character.

When the child becomes a pupil, mother should be able to deal effectively with teachers and other parents. She should have knowledge of sex education and some courses, like math. Because a child thinks that his mother knows everything.

In adolescence, a good mother must be a specialist in adolescent psychology. She mustn't behave him like a little baby. Adolescents dislike this situation. And ideal mother should be able to sense when presence is embarrassing to child and disappear. After psychological needs mother must be financier to provide money, clothes and etc.

When he is at the age of marriage, a good mother mustn't mind his business. He can be free and the ideal mother shouldn't think and behave like his child, now he is a mature.

After the physical properties of an ideal mother, an ideal mother needs a father figure. This means a father is needed in the child's life. Fathers help make a woman a good mother. However, the point is not about having a man at home. It doesn't happen because of a man's physical presence, but rather at a subconscious and symbolic level. If a woman, through her personal history, has felt the importance of male role models, she will naturally feel respect for her own father, for the father of her children, for the men in her family, those she meets. That message will come across to her children, and thus male roles will be respected.

In general, an ideal mother gives her children unconditional love, which never changes. No matter what the child does, it will always be loved, supported in its growth, and nourished by the mother. Even if the child abuses her or commits horrendous crimes within society, this love never disappears. A wise mother obviously encourages loving behavior, and discourages mistakes, but her love never wavers.

In conclusion, every mother is passionate in doing the best she can by her child. The stresses on her make it more complicated, to not only learn about he child through the child's behavior, but to also pull out the ghosts from her own nursery and look at them and try to match the two, so there's more of a fit. So every mother is working very hard to do the best for her child, we should just be giving them more support. And finally, a poem by


She raised nine kids when times were tough;
She showed us all just how to cope
With rocky roads and pathways rough,
And told us life is filled with hope.
She led us with a gentle hand,
But spanked us for our naughty ways;
When falling down she helped us stand
And coaxed us onward with her praise.
She never whimpered or complained,
Although sometimes her heart was weary.
She chuckled even when it rained,
And taught us love is never dreary.
She never made the Hall of Fame,
Although her worthy deeds were many.
Marquees did never blink her name,
Although her noble acts were plenty.
In all this world, the next one too,
I know there'll never be another
To take her place because, you see,
She really was the ideal Mother.