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2009-01-22 14:09 €rm@n
The first rule of buying property in Didim:


Didim is a very fast-developing area whose tourist industry is receiving an intense amount of government and corporate investment. As well as riding on the crest that makes buying property in Turkey so attractive (a powerful, westernising and stabilizing country with a constantly improving infrastructure, low property costs, low buying costs and low property taxes), Didim itself has other features making it a top investment location:
  • Didim's new marina is well underway, will be the biggest in the entire Aegean and is targetting the highest end of the yachting market
  • Didim's weather is considered among the best in Turkey (less humid than the Mediterranean coast, much warmer than the northern Aegean, less stormy than pretty much everywhere).
  • Didim is line for one if not two 18-hole golf courses making it the only golf destination in the Aegean
  • Didim's prices are still behind other parts of Turkey where the same facilities are already built
  • As an established tourist resort Didim already offers many attractions including 5-star hotels, an Aqua Park and a better beach than Bodrum, Antalya, Fethiye and Marmaris
These things are objective but as an estate agent and a property owner myself, I have 100% faith in Didim as an investment location and as a destination. The changes I have seen in the area in the 7 years I have been visiting are immense and sometimes shocking (the sheer volume of building work going on is hard to ignore) but I believe wholeheartedly that not only is every viable property in this area a safe investment, but that the quality and choice of facilities will eventually make this the most popular tourist resort in Turkey after Istanbul itself.
Now I really am quite objective: there are other places in Turkey that I like more than Didim: I like Izmir for its chic & shopping; I like Istanbul for its history and the mixture of old and new; I like Olu Deniz for its beauty. But none of these places has the possibility to grow and progress like Didim is already doing

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