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Turkey is 780,580 square kilometers in area, and in fact extends over two continents with the part to the west of the Bosphorus being in europe and the eastern part of being in asia. There has been a positive increase in population in recent years.

Turkey boarders the following countries and seas:
To the west - Bulgaria Greece and the mediterranean sea.
To the west - Armenia and Iran
To the north - The black sea, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.
To south - Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the mediterranean sea.

Turkey's total land border is 2,627 km. The longest border with Syria, is 822 km. and the shortest with Azerbaijan 9 km.
Turkey is divided into 80 administrative units, the Marmara region that include Istanbul, and Bursa is a center of extensive industrial activity that contributes some 1/3 to the GDP.Other active regions are Mersin/Adana, the Izmir region and Ankara.
The population of Turkey is approximately 66.5 million of whom some 80% are turks and 20% are Kurds.
From the aspect of religion, approximately 99.8%of the turks are sunni muslims.

Turkish is the official language. In large cities English and German are also common, mainly in the business community.
The population density is lower than the accepted average in the european union - 80 person per square mk compared with the EU average of 116 per square km.

The Turkish population is comparatively young. The percentage of adults over the age 65 is 6.13%. Some 70%of the population is under the age 30.

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